Wholesale Information

Wholesale prices are 50% of those listed on this website. I do not wholesale my shopping bags, or my original paintings.

Terms & Conditions (the serious stuff)

  • First order COD
  • Minimum opening order $225 (That's 30 tea towels in case this is the only product you are interested in. They sell very fast.)
  • Upon approval of credit, all accounts are net 30 from the date of invoice.
  • For more information or to open an account, contact Sa at info@saboothroyd.com









     Above is a map of Lower Gibsons showing you where Sa's Gallery is, and a photo of Sa and her Elves. Those are tea cozies we are wearing on our heads, but no Sa does not make those.  They are made by her very talented friend Jocelyne.  You can see Jocelyne's work at the shop or at her website here.